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"The paw says it all" 

"THE PAW" means love for animals in general.   All things pet related.   The super happy attitudes animals have - How your dog acts when he is getting in the car to go the park.  When your cat boxes your dog's nose.   the unconditional love you and your pets have for each other.   the paw should bring a smile to your face.    When you think of the paw, you think of your pets.   Either all that stuff, or the paw can mean a dog's foot. BOl(bark out loud)

Please Visit The Paw Phoenix .Com 

(Under Construction) 

Due to go live about 11-24-20

It is a FREE Community Petworking Website!

100% All About Pets!
The main focus is to help lost pets find their way home, and to aide in adoptions.
There is also pet-related  services and merchandise provided by people in the community.
There is a lot of videos, pics, stories and plenty of fun stuff to keep you smiling. there is more info about it on the paw phoenix .com page of this website.   


We have 5 Dogs and  1 Cat, so we have a house full. we started making collars and leashes for our guys then we started making stuff for other people and everybody loved it.


If you are looking for some fun pet-related goodies, we make custom handmade leather dog collars. We use high quality materials and everything is totally customized to your dog. any size, color, design...etc...anything!!  we include your pet's name and phone number for no extra charge.  


we also make other handmade leather goods including: purses, wallets, bracelets, key chains, decorations, wine bottle sleeves, coffee cup sleeves, cases and holders for phones, e-cigs, regular cigs, lighters, just about anything you can think up. Belts for tools, hair stylist equipment, other unusual holders for any kind of tool, equipment or whatever.   Because it made of leather it is very very strong and durable, so can be used for many different applications.


we recently started making some other fun pet related stuff. custom vinyl stickers and car decals, sticks to any surface indoor or outdoor. We love to get feedback from our friends and customers. They come up with good ideas for custom items. feel free to give us a holler with any good ideas, we will be happy to make a unique product for you.